A Story – Relocating to Seattle with a Relocation Concierge

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Ron is moving from Washington D.C to Seattle, with a short 3 week time-frame to get everything done AND still work full time. But he’s not worried, he has his PNW Relocations Concierge to handle everything in Seattle.

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events, but it doesn’t have to be. With a Relocation Concierge, you know whatever you hand off will be taken care of. That way you can use your valuable time where you’re needed most, and know your relocation is in good hands.

Ron’s Relocation Concierge has over a decade of industry experience, and knows what to expect every step of the way. Like a wedding planner, except for relocation, orchestrating every step of Ron’s Relocation to Seattle for work with the kind of skill only an industry expert has.

Ron is in good hands, because his Relocation Concierge will:

  • Learn about his needs and preferences, and tailor services to his unique relocation
  • Manage relocation logistics and expenses on his behalf by working directly with his relocation company
  • Pick Ron up from Seatac airport, allowing him to skip the rental car shuttle & long lines, and will help with luggage in a vehicle large enough to take everything in one trip
  • Help Ron check in to his temporary furnished apartment, which his concierge has already checked into earlier, making sure keys, cable, wifi, and everything he needs is working and easy to set up
  • Pick up groceries so the temporary apartment has a stocked fridge on arrival
  • Help find permanent housing with his local area expertise (rental or purchase), set up tours, and provide chauffeur service to each location. The goal being to find a home that Ron will feel comfortable in for years to come
  • Set up utilities, and be available for they day long windows required by the cable company, electric, water, gas, and any other hookups needed
  • Oversee and direct movers when his household goods are delivered so Ron doesn’t have to take time off work
  • Unpack and put away Ron’s household goods shipment. Set up furniture, hang up clothes, hang up artwork, install televisions, and anything else he needs
  • Oversee his auto shipment delivery, inspect car(s), and sign off on paperwork

Ron also appreciates that he can call his Relocation Concierge for help with anything he needs in Seattle. He can relax and focus his time on more important things than the logistics of moving his entire life across the country.

With his Concierge’s help, Ron has a new home in a great neighborhood, with an easy commute to work, and the amenities that are most important in his life. He was able to focus on work and settling in, instead of taking days off around multiple delivery schedules.

With the help of his Relocation Concierge, Ron was calm, collected, and optimistic about his relocation every step of the way. An energy that his new team felt right away.

Your relocation can be this stress free too, all you have to do is reach out to us today!

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