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How it started…

PNW Relocations was founded based on our belief that time is the most precious commodity. Our purpose is to eliminate the inconveniences of relocating, and allow our clients to focus their energy on what truly matters in their lives.

With over 2 decades of experience in international relocations & hospitality services worldwide, we’re committed to providing our clients with world class experiences. We understand that each client is unique, and pride ourselves on tailoring our services for each experience.

Over 10 years ago when we started in corporate relocation, we saw how stressed our clients were moving and traveling. Even the best relocation packages had stressful gaps that busy clients simply don’t have the time or energy for. We realized there were very few companies with the knowledge to bridge that gap, and so we started PNW Relocations in 2021.

At first we focused on virtual consultation, but now our focus is in person help with only a few clients at a time. We create a personalized experience for people who don’t have the time to deal with relocating.

Since we had worked with moving C-Suite executives in the relocation industry for the last decade, it made sense to focus on that same clientele with PNW Relocations. Clients who simply don’t have the bandwidth or energy to deal with a million moving pieces on top of their normal responsibilities.

Our focus is to eliminate the stressful gaps of relocating to Seattle

We also realized a large piece of the tailored relocation experience revolved around transportation. Private car service for Seattle airport pickup, corporate housing check-ins, luggage transportation, home finding area tours, and more. That’s when we partnered with PNW Limo, to provide world class private car service in the greater Seattle area to better serve our clients, and ensure an all inclusive white glove experience.

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“We’ve worked on the corporate side of relocation for over a decade, and have seen everything. We know how companies handle relocations, and that there are stressful gaps in even the best benefits package.”

Alex Lee, CEO

Meet the Team

Our industry expert help is personally tailored to fit your needs.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee


After growing up in Vietnam, I came to Seattle when I was 10 years old. Moving to across the world to Seattle is something I’ll never forget. It’s no accident that I am passionate about relocation, and is a large reason I ended up in the industry.

In 2008 I began my career in International Relocation focusing on clients emigrating from Vietnam to the United States. After 10 years of working internationally, I decided I needed more quality time with my family, and shifted to corporate relocation in Seattle.

I was a Senior Relocation Consultant for a large online retail company, and local aerospace company for 5 years. It’s during this time I noticed how stressed my clients were, even when everything went smoothly, and decided with Leon to start PNW Relocations to bridge those stressful gaps.

Leon Rosengrant

Leon Rosengrant


During my time as a manager on the corporate side of relocation, I oversaw multi-million dollar accounts for high profile clients, and managed every part of the relocation. This included household good shipments, auto shipments, travel, stipends, tuition payments, corporate housing, shipment claims, and real estate transactions.

Alex was on my team, and it’s there we noticed how much we enjoyed working together, and how stressful even the best relocation packages were. Average moves would often had over a dozen contacts, just the incoming emails could drive someone crazy! The fact that people handled these logistics while also going through huge large life events was an eye opener! Growing up I went to 9 different public school districts. Each move was a major disruption in my life, especially as a kid, so seeing the stress other folks went through really hit home for me.

Both Alex and I were floored that there wasn’t more help available. That’s when we decided to start PNW Relocations in 2021. To get rid of the stress that comes with a big move so our clients can spend their time and energy on what matters most in their lives.

Kelvin Pham

Kelvin Pham


My background spans server management and website maintenance, ensuring the digital backbone of organizations functions flawlessly.

When I’m not diving into code, you’ll likely find me exploring new destinations. Travel fuels my curiosity and broadens my perspective, both personally and professionally.

Beyond the technical realm, I’m a big rock fan – there’s nothing quite like the energy of a live concert! And whenever possible, I lend a hand to my local community through volunteer work.

Previously, I wore several hats in the tech industry. In Japan, I honed my leadership skills as a Project Manager. Later, in Vietnam, I took on the challenge of being a Call Center Tech Director, followed by a stint as a Customer Excellence Supervisor. These diverse experiences have equipped me with a well-rounded understanding of the tech landscape and the importance of exceptional customer service.